Initial Consultation

$375 USD


  • Questionnaire
  • Initial Phone Call Package must be completed before this Package can be purchased
  • This Package is required before being able to purchase several of our other packages

After completing your initial phone call, you and Karen have decided to move forward to meet in person. We can't wait!

This Package must be completed before purchasing any of the following Packages:

  • DIY Design Package
  • DIY Luxe Design Package
  • Designer on Call Package
  • Interior Design Consulting

After you purchase this packageā€¦

Karen will set up a 1 hour meeting with you in your home, where we will kickoff your project. This is a working meeting where ideas will be exchanged. This meeting is designed to benefit both you and Karen. During the meeting detailed notes will be taken, measurements may be taken, photos will be snapped, and we will listen to what it is you want to accomplish. During the meeting you and Karen will decide what is the best next step for you. Whether it is the Designer on Call, one of our DIY Design Packages, Interior Design Consulting, or something else.

After Karen leaves, the notes from this meeting will be written up and entered into a document that will be emailed to you.

Make the Day Count

The following ideas will help you (and Karen) make the most of your meeting:

  • Prepare some "Inspiration Images" to share with Karen during your consultation to help define your design style and vision for the space.

  • Have a conversation with your spouse/partner about your level of time and money you are comfortable spending for this project before Karen arrives. Based on your feedback, Karen can determine which design service would be best for you.