Designer On-Call

$650.00 USD

** Discovery Call & Initial Consultation must be completed prior to purchase of this Package

Ever wish you had a friend who is a designer who can answer questions that come up when you are working on a project? Or someone who can stop in and help you set the table for a dinner party?

This Package allows you to have access to Karen for a specific amount of time. After your Discovery Call you will be scheduled for an Initial Consultation before being able to purchase this package. During the Initial Consultation, Karen will be able to guide you on the number of hours you will most likely need. We are happy to start out with the minimum 4 hours, but depending on what we learn during our visit, we may suggest more hours.

This package is for four (4) hours. If you would like to purchase more than four hours, simply purchase multiple quantities of this Package.

The 4 hours do not need to be used at one time, the time will be tracked electronically and you will be able to see how much time has been used, and what is left in your account.

This Package is for you if you:

  • Would like the opinion of a designer on your DIY project or give you ideas how to accomplish your goal yourself.

  • You want to purchase an item online but are not sure if it works with your space, we can help with that decision, because we've been to your home.

  • You would like to purchase wallpaper for your project, we can order samples for you, have them delivered to your door and also place the order for you with our Trade partner when you are ready.

  • You need help selecting fabric for a piece of furniture that you are ordering or having reupholstered. We can order samples delivered directly to you. And later we can order the fabric using our Trade resources and have the fabric sent right to you or your upholsterer.

  • You need help selecting tile for a project. We can have samples shipped directly to you, and then order for you when you are ready. The order will be delivered right to your door.

  • You need access to our team of professional tradespeople, such as our award winning wallpaper installer, painter, or upholsterer.

  • You Need help with getting your home ready for a dinner party. Maybe you don't have the right serving pieces and need us to pick up a few for you, or you just want us to set the table so you can just sit back and enjoy the evening.

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