Powder Room Refresh

$950.00 USD

*The Discovery Call must be completed prior to purchasing this package

*Fee is for Design Services Only

We do the ground work to gather the information you need to make an informed and confident decision about your project.

Is this the Right Package for you?

If you do not plan on replacing your cabinetry, and do not plan on changing the layout of your space, this package is right for you. This is the perfect package if you are looking for new a new countertop on your existing vanity, new hardware, faucets, and maybe a paint color for existing cabinets. You might also want to add or replace wallpaper in your powder room or just select a new paint color. However, if you are planning on a full remodel, including a new vanity and new layout, please see our "Powder Room Renovation" package.

This package is perfect if you do not have a contractor yet because we will bring our trusted team onboard.

This package will give you all the information you need to give your existing Powder Room a much desired facelift.

The Process:

  1.  Purchase the Package, complete the Powder Room Questionnaire and Karen will reach out to you to schedule your first appointment.
  2.  Karen will come to your home and together you'll discuss your space, changes you'd like to make and review inspiration images that you have saved. This is a working meeting where Karen will share ideas.
  3.  Karen will schedule a second visit shortly afterwards to bring in her "bath" dream team, so that they can take all of their measurements and photos of your space.
  4.  After all information has been gathered, Karen will schedule a third meeting with you to discuss all aspects of the project and her recommendations for moving forward.

At the end of the third meeting you'll have:

  • Renderings or a mood board (depending on your specific project) of your new space to help visualize the finished room
  • Material selections, fixtures and finishes specific to your project
  • An estimated budget
  • Feedback on how to proceed with the design

Many times, our clients move on to book the project with us. But sometimes, our clients just need to gather information to see if this project is something they can do at this time. The plan is yours either way. Whatever you decide, we are happy to help you with your design.

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